Jiuda Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of "pursuing excellence and excellence" and is committed to the research and practice of automation technology. Through the research and development of non-standard automation equipment, information technology and system integration, it provides the manufacturing industry with solutions based on industrial engineering on-site improvement and in line with the concept of lean production. Adhere to the principle of coming from the field and applying to improve efficiency and reduce costs for customers. At present, the company has 3 solution engineers with over 10 years of experience in IE and Lean on-site improvement, and more than 10 design engineers with over 5 years of experience in application development. Among them, there are 15 technical personnel with on-site diagnosis and debugging senior technician qualifications.

Jiuda Manufacturing has accumulated rich experience in the research and development of intelligent equipment and project implementation practices, and has completed multiple major non-standard intelligent equipment development and whole line system integration projects. The company has conducted on-site diagnosis for Shenzhen Lenovo, Chongqing Midea, Huawei, Zhongshan TCL, Guangzhou Schneider, etc., 【More】

  • mission
    Dedicated to the development and practice of automation technology
    Committed to innovation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing
    企业文化 企业文化
  • concepts
    The pursuit of excellence
    perfect sth. that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving
    企业理念 企业理念
  • cultures
    Integrity and efficiency
    Innovation and Win-Win
    企业使命 企业使命
  • Value
    Lean site improvement programs
    Professional Intelligent Assembly Package
    企业价值 企业价值
Products and Cases
  • A: Module to co...
    The module-to-cell manual disassembly line is a machine and equipment for manually disassembling battery modules. During...【More】
  • B: Rolling cyc...
    Roller cycle battery pack disassembly and robotic automatic handling line is a common automated production line in moder...【More】
  • C: AGV + work t...
    AGV + work trolley + disassembly hanging system semi-automatic battery pack flexible disassembly line is a kind of intel...【More】
  • D: Semi-automat...
    The semi-automatic battery pack flexible disassembly line with hand-pushed work trolley + disassembly hanging system is ...【More】

Real-time attention to Jiu Da dynamics, we and the world are always in flux, real-time attention to industry dynamics

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